Thursday, 21 February 2008

Three days left until my birthday. 26! According to my mother it's the beginning of the best years of my life, until I'm 50. I'm not sure what kind of change there's going to be from Sunday to Monday, except that on this particular Monday I'm going to be off work... just in case I'm nursing a hangover! Hehe. But I am actually looking forward to turning 26 in a way. I wasn't too sure about it for a while but I think this could be a very positive thing. I'll milk it for all its worth in any case.

I've actually already got quite a few presents which is pretty cool :)

I got my Benetton bag from Niki (in January!), I got a yummy chocolate lip balm and suitcase tag from Kle, trousers from my brother, a webcam from my other brother and an inherited tea set from my nanna. The Casino also sent me a buy-one-get-one-free meal :)

I've chosen my new specs which are a present from my father, but I have to do an eye test first. According to Matt the pair I chose are the last ones on the island! So I told him that they cannot sell them to anyone but me! They're very different to what I have now. It's a bronze metal half frame, quite delicate and unobtrusive on the face, and the arm isn't too thin or thick and is also on browns. They're lovely :)

And another of my presents will probably be confirmed during April when I see whether to book my flight to Lanzarote. The flight is the present, not the island! :P

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