Wednesday, 7 January 2009

The Spa Experience

I am feeling so(!!) tired today. It could be the exercise that's taking its toll because my body is still building up its stamina. And it's also early afternoon and I know that this is my downtime when my brain (and body) just want to sleep. It's the siesta effect - that's what you get for being Mediterranean! hehe.

I spent an hour at the gym yesterday - 15 minutes more than Monday and it was ok. So I think I'll stick to an hour a day for the time being. And then I get that lovely hot, steaming shower at the end =)

I've booked my massage and body scrub (thanks to the voucher) for Saturday week and I'm really looking forward to it! Two days of gym did not result in any muscle pain, but two days at my desk again has my neck screaming. I've now tried moving my monitor closer to me, because I have a habit of leaning forward and straightening my desk chair more. For some reason I tend to sit at an angle! I do it in the car too. I sit leaning to the left, and I don't know why!

I have another parcel waiting for me at home =) I think it's the earrings. Yesterday I received a bracelet and a wrap over top, both of which are very pretty. And the day before I received a black messenger-style bag which I am currently using. The women at the post office are just so used to me now! I'm in there once a week at least either collecting something or sending.

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