Saturday, 17 January 2009

Experiencing the spa experience

I'm just back from an amazing back massage and cinnamon body scrub! Bliss!

This was the Christmas present from my brothers thoughtfully chosen by me ;) I love having a spa next door to home because after the sessions I lounged about on the sofas having herbal tea and reading a magazine, no hassles, no pressure.

The massage was lovely and very much needed. In fact I think it's something that will need to be done regularly because of my job. Although we're given ergonomic chairs and accessories, spending so much time at a computer day in day out has its negative effects.

After the massage, I then went into the adjacent room where I was given a full body cinnamon scrub. My skin is singing praise; my pores are alive! The rooms are beautiful and warm and the atmosphere is so relaxing. After the scrub she left me to relax a bit (I think I may have nodded off almost!) and then there's a shower in the room which she prepared for me (made sure the water was warm) and I showered and the difference that I felt in my skin was radical.

Definitely recommended!

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