Saturday, 24 January 2009

Winter activities

Working my last shift at SJ Cav this morning. I decided to give the second job a rest and focus on just one main job and focus on myself too! I had a great time working here - 18 months! - but it reached its end.

Yesterday evening I went to The Pub in Valletta for a reunion of sorts of the cast of our One-Act. It was a fun evening and I'm glad that I did actually go out because in winter it's all too easy to stay indoors cos of the weather (which was rather horrible admittedly) but then it gets boring after a while. Especially after being a whole week at work. This coming week I have two meals of work so that should provide some entertainment too.

On Tuesday we have a Marketing Day with meetings in the morning followed by a light lunch at the office and then a guided tour of Ta' Qali Crafts Village, Mosta Dome and Mdina (plus coffee and cake) since our UK colleagues are going to be here. And then we'll be going for dinner at Ta' Marija so that they can sample traditional Maltese food. It should be a fun day - I hope the weather holds out. Thursday will then be dinner at Hanks, very un-traditional hehe, but the cocktails are great ;)

I will 27 in one month's time. I have no idea how I will be celebrating my birthday. It falls on a Tuesday so not quite a party day lol... but we'll see.

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