Friday, 5 December 2008


I slept with two quilts last night! I felt really cold the previous night so I just went for the overkill. At some point during the night I threw one off because I found it on the floor in the morning, but I definitely fell asleep feeling warm and much more comfortable. This evening I got out my electric blanket and it's on right now toasting my sheets... Mmmm! With my room being at the end of the flat my outer wall faces Balluta Bay and so gets pretty cold, plus I have a balcony and aluminium doors are infamous for letting in draughts :/

Long weekend ahoy :) I'm working tomorrow morning but I'll be done by 13:00 and then my real weekend begins! I'm meeting my mother in Valletta and we're going to buy my Christmas present hehe. Might catch up on Heroes in the afternoon so that I can finally start Season 3! And then I've got birthday drinks in the evening so that should be nice and relaxed.

I really hope that Monday turns out to be a sunny day because I want to spend it outdoors :)

Today I discovered a liking for shandy! I always have soft drinks at Friday drinks whilst the guys are drinking Heineken - but I don't like beer at all! So I gave shandy a try and it was nice :) So I think I've found a new Friday drinks drink.

I finally sorted out my summer and winter wardrobes this evening too so all my summer clothes have been relegated to 'the bottom drawer' and the winter stuff is out. I need a bit of a shopping spree though ;)

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