Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas Presents

Looking back over Christmas I did pretty well with presents this year (lol)! Most of which I got, and opened, throughout December and did not wait until Christmas Day!

- Black evening bag
- Black evening shoes
- Cute underwear set
- Set of Creative™ speakers and subwoofer
- Desk clock
- Candle holder & candle (GFI Secret Santa)
- Tally Weil™ scarf (SJ Cav Secret Santa)
- Voucher for a massage & body scrub from Myo Ka™
- Cute wall hanger sign in purple that says Gone for some Retail Therapy, back when cured (hehe)
- Set of car tyres (real ones!)
- 20 Euros
- Aquamarine earrings
- A lollipop set (haha we always get a fun gift to open)
- A wall photo frame

... and my Christmas bonus which I used to buy myself presents! Hehe. I also have another 2 presents on the way =)

Definitely a good materialistic year! Yesterday I decided to venture into Next for their sale and I had a speedy shopping spree where I came out with 4 tops, 2 pairs of trousers and a pair of shoes - in 15 minutes! The only thing that I tried on where the shoes, the rest of the stuff I sort of looked at and decided Yeah it'll fit! The tops are all summer tops which I will fit waiting for me when the weather gets warm again, the shoes too cos they're wedgey sandals. Then I got a pair of lounging-at-home trousers which are super warm and comfy, and a pair of jogging trousers for the gym. Definitely pleased with my purchases =)

I have a proper week off coming up cos I'm only working at SJ Cav on Saturday morning so I will be a proper lady of leisure during this time! Bliss!

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