Monday, 8 September 2008

Long Weekend

Another start to another week, only this time starting off with a Public Holiday which is very nice :)

It's been a good weekend which included the MADC GG4 at The Limestone Heritage which was fun and a Wii party with my departmental colleagues yesterday which was hilarious! I now definitely want a Wii! In fact the plan was to buy one in Lanzarote but because of recent events I will not actually be going. It's actually a relief because having to spend an entire week with someone in awkward circumstances was not something that I was looking forward to! It would have been a nice end-of-summer break but anyway... So now I need to contact the airlines and see if there's any chance of recuperating some of the costs of the tickets. I doubt it to be honest but it's worth a shot!

Due to the cancellation of the trip I'm going to be Assistant Producer in Pia's One Act Play so I'm looking forward to that. I meet the cast on Wednesday and see what she needs me to do! At least I would have done some theatre this year. There's also the possibility that I will be helping with More Four Play so we'll see what happens.

I just came back from lunch at Paparazzi with my mother and brother because it's my mother's birthday today :) It was nice but way too hot and too many flies!! It's a pity that Wigi's was closed because we wanted to go there, plus it's literally down the stairs which is very convenient! Now I need to take a shower and wash my hair, and I am going to start watching Season 1 of '24' - I've never watched any of these popular series before so I'm a newbie! -- no spoilers please! --

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