Thursday, 4 September 2008

The end is the beginning

Another week almost coming to an end, and September has started. Sometimes I really do wonder where the days go! This week I had Monday and Tuesday evening off which was good because sometimes I need to just be at home and veg, which usually means that I'm doing stuff anyway!

Suckling Pig Night
Whereas yesterday evening I had a Suckling Pig night on the roof of SJ Cav which was lovely! The view from up there is amazing and there was a very pleasant breeze. There was all the SJ Cav & Inspirations staff and some partner, board members, etc so we were quite a large group. The food was gorgeous - very tender stuffed pig and roast potatoes... mmmm!! And the company was very nice too - we're a great team here so we had a laugh. It's good to be able to socialize with colleagues in a different setting. Definitely a successful staff party!

Just 10 days until I go abroad, and this time I'm not really looking forward to it! :-/ I'm looking forward to the relaxing, tanning and shopping... but whereas before it was mostly about the company, I can't say the same thing is happening now. In a nutshell because I don't want to delve into messy and complicated details, I told The Man that him and I are no more (not that we 'were' ever but you get the point) but since everything was booked I'm still going. So we're going to attempt the friends thing and see how that works. I reckon it's going to be awkward but I'll try and have some faith.

Other News
In other news, I've had a couple of work dinners, an extremely successful school reunion, a couple of drinks out and work is still going well :) Got praise from the director today so was very happy - these little things give you that added boost.

Am currently at SJ Cav because we're back to full days, thankfully so I can fit it around my schedule. I realised that I like being here those couple of days a week. I was contemplating stopping now that I have a good full time job but I think I'd miss it. If I work a couple of shifts a week I think it will suffice, the bit of extra money always helps and I'll keep in contact and hopefully also get to watch some more shows again (like last season :).)

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