Saturday, 13 September 2008

The way things turn out

It's a strange feeling to know that tonight I'm meant to be going abroad and that there's a ticket in my name and I'm not going to be using it! However I don't feel bad or bitter about it at all. I think I would have been a lot more apprehensive had I actually been packing at the moment. I tried to see if I could postpone the Malta-Madrid flight but apparently Vueling will not be flying this route anymore as from the end of the month so I didn't really have much of an option.

In other news... I have new shoes bought for Clare's wedding :) So I pretty much have everything settled. All that's left to get are the earrings and possible bracelet.

I really plan on chilling this weekend. It's already been a great one so far, now this afternoon I just need to clean my room and then it's rehearsals and fenkata tonight. Tomorrow rehearsals at lunchtime and then there are meant to be thunderstorms so it's a DVD & dips afternoon/evening :)

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