Wednesday, 9 July 2008


6 weeks and 4 interviews later... I HAVE A JOB!!! :D

Wooo! It's a web marketing/PR role with a very established company and I'm very happy :) I start in a fortnight's time and I'm really looking forward to it. I got a very good vibe from the place and the people and was offered a nice deal so I'm hoping for the best!

And even more good news is that I booked my second flight of the year to Lanz and am off in September for 10 days :) To be sure to maintain the tan hux? Hehe

This afternoon I fell into one of those extremely deep sleeps that was brought on by the heat and I was comatose! And this would be the afternoon that Elaine calls me from SJ Cav to ask about a payment that happened yesterday. I barely heard my phone and answered it automatically without even registering what I was doing. I totally misunderstood what she asked me, and thought that she wanted to know whether I had received my pay and was about to check my BOV online when something clicked that this didn't quite make sense, so I asked her again what she needed. I must have sounded so drowsy and incoherent, but I managed to understand and I told her that the other girl had left the envelope on the desk, and I think she then said 'OK that's fine. Sorry for disturbing' and I mumbled something and fell back asleep! When I woke up properly a little later on I was half-wondering whether I had dreamt it or not, but I saw my BOV Securekey near my keyboard so I knew that it happened! I think I'll send her a message tomorrow to explain lol

I cannot believe just what a busy day Saturday 12th is. There seem to be loads of birthday dos going on - I was invited to another one this evening, and I know that there are 2 farewell parties for sure. Plus a party at Q Bar that I'm on the guest list for but am not attending! And God knows what else!

Day off tomorrow which is nice. I think I'll prepare the stuff that I'm taking to the car boot sale on Sunday week.

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