Saturday, 5 July 2008

Definitely, Maybe

I just watched Definitely, Maybe and it was so cute! I like these romantic comedies :) I think more than laugh-out-loud comedies actually. I do recommend that you watch it if you like those kind of films. And the main actor is the cute guy of 'Two Guys and a Girl' so there's some eye-candy ;) Mind you there's eye-candy for the guys too - 3 hot girls in fact.

I had two long shifts this week on Wednesday and Thursday from 13:00 - 22:45 and I was shattered by the end of it. Thankfully today I was off so I could rest. I went to the airport to have lunch with Niki and keep her company until she checked in, then I came home and didn't do much really hehe. I had an MADC meeting at 19:00 and that lasted a couple of hours... they're always entertaining! Theatre people, ya gotta love 'em! ;) But by the time I got home, I wasn't in the mood of going out so I decided to find a nice film all for me.

Plans for tomorrow include a relaxing day at the beach and then I go back to work in the evening. So it shouldn't be too stressful hehe.

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