Sunday, 15 June 2008

Hen's Night

Great hen's night yesterday. It was really good to catch up with some people whom I haven't seen in a while and just party with the girls :) I took charge of Shaz's camera and snapped lots of group photos - for the memories *awww* We also have some amusing photos with a willy on a wand! I was convinced that the wand was actually a measuring stick *snigger* After the private party we headed into Paceville and into the claws of desperate men who invade Fuego. I felt like a bar of chocolate at a slimmer's camp! I don't think these men have ever seen a pussy in their lives. They're cavemen! So then I turned to one of them and said 'I'd like a drink please'... he gave me a look of shock and horror and scampered away! Ask a loser to part with his money and he'll be gone before you know it! Haha! But it was a fun night and I'm looking forward to the wedding :)

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