Saturday, 17 May 2008

Random Saturday ramblings

I went to get my fringe cut this morning because I was starting to feel like Cousin It! Hairdressers really are a girl's best friend... mine told me, 'you're looking really good. Probably the best that I've ever seen you!'

Wow! That's a nice compliment especially after having rushed to dress and get ready so not exactly trying my hardest to make an effort.

After work yesterday evening I went to this birthday party at the Waterfront. It was quite fun, amusing really watching girls trying to hit on one guy. Granted the guy is cute and has a very nice body, but he's so easy it's off-putting. But it was a good show :) It was also good to get out a bit cos I haven't been out in quite a while.

Working this afternoon until close (therefore about 10:00 p.m.) but I won't go out afterwards. I've got another birthday do tomorrow at the beach in the afternoon. I hope it'll be sunny like it was this past week.

I need eye cream. Around my eyes is feeling all dry. Bad! I will go to The Body Shop during my break.

I sense that this afternoon is going to pass by rather slowly. I shall be reading a lot :)

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