Thursday, 1 May 2008

Car crash

My car's rear end was penetrated yesterday by a Fiat Punto. Yep, they crashed into me. I can still drive around but my boot door is actually cracked! I didn't even know what happened upon impact because my glasses flew off my face and I thought 'What's happening? Why are my glasses in my hands?' and then the dreaded knowledge of someone has just crashed into me dwelled and it's a horrible feeling. I switched off the engine, put on the hazard lights and then got out of the car to face the idiot. I was lucky that it wasn't worse because with the impact he threw me into a main road and oncoming traffic who thankfully avoided me. Otherwise I would have been the ham in a metal sandwich.

First I was quite angry, then a bit hysterical, I called the wardens although he claimed that it was a bumper-to-bumper and all we needed to do was fill in the form. I didn't believe him because he was a man and I assumed that he was trying to get out of it. I called my father and he agreed that I should call the wardens, so I did. In the meantime two traffic policemen stopped and they said that I didn't need to call the wardens which made me even angrier cos all I saw were these men ganging up on me, in the meantime my father called again and I was telling him that I have these stupid people in front of me (and literally they were) telling me that I'm doing the wrong thing. One of the policemen then spoke to my father, in a less hysterical way than me (hehe) and assured him that in these cases when it literally is a bumper-to-bumper, one just needs to fill in the form regardless of the damage. So I accepted that. The traffic police were actually really nice and I'm glad that they happened to be passing. The wardens turned up too but they sent them on their merry way as it had been sorted. We filled out the forms and now I have to stay going to my insurance tomorrow. It's totally his fault though, he even told me that he was paying attention to a car next to him and was looking ahead... hmmm!

Plus I had Krista's Birthday Drinks yesterday evening at Ryan's which I had to go to, least of all because I had her present.

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