Monday, 28 April 2008

Exam is over

It's over! :D

Three hours of Financial Accounting in the morning and three hours of Costing in the afternoon is enough to make anyone feel a huge wave of relief once the exam is over, and boy did I feel relieved as I walked out of the school at 19:01! It was definitely a stressful subject but I don't regret doing it although I do think that it must have been a moment of madness. And to think that I wanted to do Economics as well! Ha!

Paper 1 was pretty difficult and I didn't really have enough time but Paper 2 was much better so I'm hoping that it will make up for it.

Now I can go back to normal life - lots of work and hopefully a fair amount of play too ;) And I can get back to reading and do some spring cleaning and just get some general order going again.

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