Sunday, 20 April 2008


Weekend is over once again :( I didn't do as much studying as I intended to, nowhere near as close but... m'hemmx taghmel at this point. One week left and will try and make the most of it. I just read through the notes of the last topic and tomorrow he'll explain it during the lesson. It doesn't seem to bad but it has formulae and I hate having to remember them. I think it's a bit silly to have to memorize formulae for accounts because on the job you'd use Sage and Excel and it would calculate everything for you. I think the important thing should be testing whether the student knows how to apply the formula not their memory skills of it. Ah well... I was never a big fan of examinations as a method of knowledge testing. I believe that projects are more accurate and in-depth, although I wouldn't really want to do an Accounts project mind you! *shudder* A friend of mine just did her thesis in Accounting (Hons.) - very brave!

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