Thursday, 27 March 2008

A need for acceptance?

Sometimes I wonder why on earth we people have this innate need to share our lives with others? What is it about letting people know about daily events, be them big or small, even through an insignificant thing as a status on Facebook?

Curly-Wurly has just bought a new top.

That's very good for you, Curly-Wurly, but who really cares?

Even these journals/diaries/blogs that contain a zillion words about people's days at work, in bed, at hospital, at the beach; everything is recorded on an international space that is accesible by pretty much anyone.

I've always been a very private person and I speak about certain matters to very few people. Sometimes I see this as a bad thing, other times as a good thing. Either way, it's the way I am. In my opinion, I'm not very revealing even on my journal, often speaking about rather inane things, the trivial and inconsequential if you wish. I suppose it also boils down to... the way I am. It may also be because I can get rather influenced by what other people say, not really by what they do, but words stay with me, and I tend to feed off someone's enthusiasm/negativity or whatever other emotion, and because of this I prefer to not divulge any information about matters so that I will not be influenced by what others say and in turn get hyped or depressed about something because of someone else. Perhaps it's a weird way of seeing things... and it's difficult to explain it without getting even more muddled!

And the really ironic thing is that I'm writing all this in an online journal! It really is like fucking for virginity!

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