Tuesday, 18 March 2008

St. Paddy's Day 2008

I must say that this St. Patrick's Day turned out to be rather disappointing, especially compared to last year's blast! To start off with I went out pretty late, at about 21:30, decked in my personalised green t-shirt, Guinness hat and green handbag. I got to Ryan's and it was packed and I met Nat, Lara, BexXx, Mark, and some others but the vibe just wasn't there. I couldn't even be asked to wait in the queue to get a drink! Basically hung around Ryan's chatting to people and then I decided to see what Dubliner's was like and make my way home. Met a few more people at Dubliner's but the mood didn't change much so I decided to call it a night and come home and just remember it as a quiet St. Paddy's Day 2008.

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