Monday, 3 March 2008

Friends for dinner

I have an involuntary (but definitely needed) week off from SJ Cav this week because they had an e-mail system failure last week and my availability dates never got through, so I wasn't rostered! It's ok though, I could do with the break and hopefully I'll get some studying/revising done because I have my mock exam in less than 4 weeks time and I know that I won't pass at this point :S

Tonight I had Matthew and Sacha over for dinner and it was so nice to see them again :) It's been a year and 3 months since I last saw them (when I was in Frankfurt) so a meeting was long overdue. We had a nice plate of pasta and just sat around the kitchen table chatting. We definitely have the perfect kitchen table and kitchen(!) for these kind of evenings. I love dinners like that, that are free of pomp and hassles. The time just flew! I won't be seeing them again until Autumn definitely and even then they have no definite plans to visit as yet, so perhaps it's another trip to Germany for me hehe. But this time I won't go solo I don't think.

We had a funny episode at work today. A Greek client came to the office this morning to send a DHL package (we are new agents of DHL) but it was the first time that someone had come to our branch so I called DHL customer service so that they'd talk me through the process for the first time and the client was very nice about it all, even though it probably took longer than it should have! He's actually the client of one of our negotiators so the DHL thing was just an extra service that we could provide. All went well and he went on his merry way. In the afternoon, the negotiator was on the phone and he says 'Giselle?' and then starts laughing... a lot! So I turn and start gesturing for him to explain to me what's happening, and eventually when he hangs up he tells me, that the Greek guy asked whether I was single!! So I asked back, 'is he rich?' Apparently he has a penthouse but that's really not quite enough for a Greek guy. It's Onassis or nothing baby! :P Anyway, I told the negotiator that he cannot use me to conclude his sale *lol*

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