Thursday, 6 March 2008

The DVD Collection

I bought three DVDs from Play because they had a Euro8 sale on, and the first one arrived today. My postman of home is the same one of work so he hand delivers any packages to me at work :) I told him that there are another two on the way.

I bought Music and Lyrics, Little Miss Sunshine and The Green Mile; however, the last one is a present.

I've been getting really sleepy whilst at work, no matter at what time I sleep. On Monday I slept late (01:30 a.m.) but last night I went to sleep at 10:00 p.m. and yet I was still yawning away! I think I need to buy some pick-me-up tea and see if it works.

Last day of canvassing today. It was quite amusing at work this afternoon, because being on the seafront between Luxol and Sliema/Valletta there were all the cars driving to their respective mass meetings past each other! So you see flashes of blue and red going in opposite directions! I didn't attend any mass meetings this time around - it's my third time voting and I just didn't feel like the crowds this year. My only contribution was a bit of hooting this afternoon whilst driving to my lesson when I saw a fellow supporter with a flag!

On Saturday I'm going to vote and then the rest of the day will (hopefully) be dedicated to my Accounts! I have my mock exam in just over 3 weeks :S

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