Saturday, 8 March 2008

Elections 2008

My duty towards my country is done.

There was a looong queue and once we got to the door, there were a couple of elderly people and someone in a wheelchair who got priority - fair enough. Then at 13:00 this man on a crutch comes to the door and states that he is going in next because it's after 13:00 and he therefore gets priority. The policeman who was there had already told us that after the elderly people, we would go in and then another two elderly people and then continue with the rest of the queue. Unfortunately when this prick turned up there was a different policeman on duty so that advice was not to be heeded any longer.

I told this moron that the entry into the voting room was going to take place as such, because those were the instructions given, and this ignorant fart says 'Toqghodx titkellem bl-Ingliz ghax ahna Maltin'!!! Aaaaaggghhh. I loathe people like that. He said that he couldn't stand for a long time and that I should wait because I am young and healthy. I had been waiting since 11:30 yet he just totally abused his position as a disabled person and expected to go in first, even before other people who had a priority status! So it wasn't even a case of 'we' have special needs therefore we should go in first, it was 'I' have special needs more than anyone else in this voting building. And his wife backed him up 100% (lovely couple really) and called the people who were behind me 'injoranti' for trying to reason with her!

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