Sunday, 9 March 2008


Nerve-wrecking! That's what the situation is!

On another note yesterday evening was really fun. We ate pasta, Pia made a cocktail that was incredibly strong but since "it hasn't eaten through the plastic bowl yet it's fine!" I sipped on this drink for about 4 hours and still didn't get halfway through the glass!!

Then we played Scene It which was a scream (and just as an aside, our team won :P) Really cool game though, fantastic for a night in with a good group of people. Then we had cake cos it's Chaira's birthday soon and both Jo and Elaine made cakes - yummy! Kat had a countdown until midnight and piled up her chocolate to be devoured once the clock struck because she's doing the Lent thing. And apparently the Sunday thing is accepted in Catholic history because Sunday is a day of celebration which clashes with the sacrificial element of Lent therefore it's acceptable to be free of sacrifice on Sunday. So I was told! Hehe.

The rest of the evening was spent seeing photos, chatting and doing general fuck all, which was fine by me! Left at about 12:30, gave Edward a lift home and then made my merry way back to my abode where I fell into a very dream-filled sleep of Sacred Heart being a boarding school and I was a border with my classmates and I was the only one whose bed was near a door and from it I had a view of the sea and a cliff! It was also our last day of school and I didn't have a school leaving book so I used a pad of A4 paper instead! My dreams of Sacred Heart are always very amusing hehe.

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