Friday, 8 February 2008

Aaaah I spent about an hour streaming a film, Juno, which I watched about three quarters of and then I paused it... and I lost it! Gah! Will continue in the weekend I guess.

Really cool film though, definitely need to see the ending hehe. If I didn't have work tomorrow I might actually have waited for it to stream again but I can't survive too many late nights, plus tomorrow evening I have work at SJ Cav and after that I have a birthday do so I really need to get some rest.

Mmmm, I have Dr Pepper... probably not such a good idea to drink a can just before I go to sleep... ah well.

17 days until my birthday... still unsure about what I'm going to do. It falls on a Sunday so I reckon it'll be an afternoon thing. We'll see... if you want to give me a present, I'm asking for services this year ;) Not sexual ones thanks! Facials, pedis, manis, massages... that kind of stuff. I don't really need anything at the moment... well I need new car tyres but I don't think I'll be getting those as a birthday present although it would be cool! Hehe. But I don't actually need stuff, but I do need some pampering. By the way, I'm not actually expecting any presents, but I just thought that I'd let you know purely for informative reasons.

It's past midnight, I'm off to bed. Good night!

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