Saturday, 2 February 2008

First entry from my new PeaSea

My first entry from my brand spanking new puter - MSI Protek 600 :)

Had it all set up this afternoon though there are still a couple of things to be done, such as install Office and sort out my mic cos I can't speak on Skype otherwise. But it's here and I'm very happy with it! My brother is buying me a webcam for my birthday so that's a nice addition too.

My very first computer that is all mine and actually came as a set. Previously all my computers/notebooks have been on loan from my brother or else put together by him from bits and pieces that he would have had. It is very handy when you know how to build a PC from scratch, I must say. But it's nice to have a brand new toy.

I still have to transfer all my music and photos from the old hard drive on to this one so at the moment I have no tunes to listen to.

I was meant to revise my Accounts today which I started doing but then the PC setup got in the way, and this was after I took my afternoon nap. I got home from working at 22:30 yesterday evening and then had work again this morning so I was understandably enough, rather exhausted and one night's sleep just didn't cut it. I will attempt to continue tomorrow :)

However I did get to watch Laughing Wild since I was working in the evening yesterday, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Some parts were hilarious, others more poignant, but as a whole I found it excellent. There's also Mercury Fur and Glorious to look out for this month. Hopefully I'll get to see them too.

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