Tuesday, 29 January 2008

New PeaSea

On Thursday or Friday I will have my new PC :) I got my loan approved by the bank this morning but I have to go back tomorrow to finalise everything and get the cheque. The people of the computer shop already started preparing it for me because I called them to see when I could collect it and he told me, 'Yes we were given the go-ahead already so call again on Thursday, maybe you can collect it then'.

My first TFT screen :) That's what I'm excited about! And I told my brother to buy me a webcam as a birthday present which he agreed to.

Definitely a nice addition to my room.

Mmmm, just had a delicious plate of Penne Bolognaise. I'm going for a walk in an hour so it would have digested by then and can be burnt off hehe.

Today I was thinking about what I want for my birthday and I think this year I'd like services rather than goods. Services such as a mani/pedi, a facial, a massage... pampering ones. I could do with them! I'm still undecided as to how I'm celebrating, but I think it will just be a random get-together somewhere and whoever wants to drop by is more than welcome. And drinks will also be more than welcome ;)

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