Sunday, 17 December 2006

Frankfurt am Main

I'm back!!!

And I'm already back at work... hehe earning for my next holiday which I have decided I am not going to wait for two years to take!

Frankfurt was great. I love city life. I am a city girl through and through. I shopped so much that I visited the same shop three times because I couldn't buy everything in just one go! I came back with a 28kg suitcase. But I also did some sight-seeing, and was taken to (ok, I don't know how to spell the names) Heidelburg and Wiesbaden - two beautiful towns, with lovely Christmas markets, and perfect photo opportunities.

German food portions are huge! Good food but my God they can sure put it all away. Which leads to the clothes situation that I had to deal with being that German clothes don't fit me! Germans are tall and broad, I am short and curvy - all tops reached my knees! After 2 hours in one shop trying on about 20 tops and leaving with none, I stuck to the shops that I knew and ended up with 10 new tops, a coat, 2 pairs of trouers, a dress, brown boots, black shoe boots, Skechers, 3 bags, and 4 mugs!! I like crockery *sigh* Plus an assortment of gifts, including a rubber duck for my colleague who should have got me Dr Pepper from the UK - if he didn't get me Dr Pepper he's not getting Dr Quack.

It was a really nice break. I loved walking into the city in the morning crossing over the Main towards the skyscrapers and being part of the hustle and bustle! And then back again! I had an apartment just 15 minutes outside of the shopping centre so it was perfect. I couldn't understand what people were saying to me, but with a Dankeshein (sp?) and a smile you get by - plus they all speak English to some degree :)

And to end with a not-known-by-many fact - Germany is divided into 16 states with Frankfurt am Main being in the state of Hessen, but there is another Frankfurt up north in another state, called Frankfurt am (name of river) and it is actually the river that they are upon that differentiates them in name!


  1. The name of the city is Heidelberg, a historical university city, "thank you" in German means "danke" or "danke schön" or "vielen Dank". The other Frankfurt lies aside the river Oder which is the border between Germany and Poland. Food portions in Germany are as big and as small as everywhere - even in the us - but you still get offered less of Hamburgers and other fat-and-sick-making food. And I hope you found out that Germans do not permanently eat Sauerkraut and wear Lederhosen. I wonder how s.b. can spend a time in another country without having any idea of the language, which is used to be spoken there. And not even taking a dictionary with her to try to find out the basic words. Is that typical american?

  2. I always wonder how people can post such arrogant comments on blogs of people they don't know and assume that they are American

  3. I do like Germany but I have ALWAYS detested the Deutches. the above comment proves how right I am. UGHHHHH!!! *heads off to the loo to puke*

  4. Oh wow, these are really strong comments!
    Anyway, sounds you had an awesome time in Frankfurt. If you love the city you definitely have to come and visit Berlin. Let me know if you go there, I might be around and give you a tour!

  5. Berlin is definitely on my Places-to-Visit list :) Thanks for the offer


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