Saturday, 23 December 2006

5 years, 9 months

Yesterday there was the 2nd Annual Bloggers Awards meal which was very fun although the coffee was shite! I got an honorary award for being cameraperson, which was initially a 'c' for cameraperson, but in typical G style, I changed it with a purple g - can it get any better than that?! Well done to all the winners :)

Apparently I am one of the people who's had an online presence the longest, and below was my first journal entry in Diaryland, which has about 4 years of entries! I then moved on to GJ and Blogger mainly because I knew people on GJ and certain benefits that you had to pay for on D'land were free on GJ - such as threaded commenting which is the best feature!

"In the beginning..."
2001-03-13, 14:12:09
Hey peeps,
So...I've just signed up for this Diaryland site! I find it hard to keep my regular diary up to date! Now I have to do two!! Oh well...we'll see how it goes!
So...I guess I'll leave this as my first entry, just to see what it looks like...I'm still trying to figure out everything!!!

Profound wasn't it?! Hahaha.

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