Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Always the bridesmaid

The One Acts are now over... sad really cos it was such a great festival and I just enjoyed the social experience of it all :) Our play got some great reviews so I'm really happy about that and I was nominated for Most Promising Actress (second year running) and we were also nominated for Best Production so it was very encouraging. I'm also known as Boobi now thanks to Izzy!

My hott camera arrived yesterday so I've had fun messing about with the settings and taking random shots. I need to buy a memory card now (possibly 2). Anyway expect posts with photos muhahahaha

I'm also currently at work. I've began a part-time job in the evenings because I am a workaholic and need to occupy my time. It's my friend's company so it's basically just me and him working at the moment. Well, currently just me in the office. Yje only problem with working so many hours is that I need to find time to wash my hair! But it's also helped me because I am making it a point to wake up 15 minutes earlier than usual to do stuff at home which means that I manage to leave earlier and avoid traffic *woo hoo*

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