Saturday, 4 November 2006

Pitching a tent

I'm working approximately 15 hours a day four days a week! And then something in the weekends. But I call it watching TV and chatting on the net rather than working... I love these jobs hehe.

I bought two memory cards for my camera, mainly for when I go to Germany which shoule be great cos Matt has really organised everything for me. Can't wait :)

This afternoon I'm going camping for a night. It's mainly just an excuse to drink lots of vodka and pig out on junk food.

Will be back with photos ;)


  1. Katt19:16

    You know, when I read this blog, I experienced an odd sense of deja vu. Hmmmmm......

  2. hehe. Pig out an extra bit for me pls. My last camping pig out was more than 4 yrs ago.


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