Thursday, 19 October 2006

One-Act Plays Festival 2006

One week to go until the One Act Plays Festival kicks off with the first three plays. We're not on until Friday and then again on Sunday, yet still the last ones of the night. More time to let the butterflies breed eh? Actually yesterday we had an audience consisting of people who were waiting for their rehearsals to begin, Maltagirl included!

Been rehearsing every afternoon and after a day at work it's very tiring. Then I get caught on the net chatting away and I never get to sleep as early as I originally intend to. I still get a good night's sleep, but sometimes you just want a bit more ya know? ;)

This past week I've been meaning to get up earlier than usual in order to leave the house earlier than usual, but I only managed today and still didn't succeed in my endeavour. I need to get a postal order done, but the post office closes at 12:30; however, they do open at 07:30 (ajma hej!) so I thought 'OK, we can do this' and today I was out of the house at about 7:45 and the traffic was terrible. I was aiming for the St.Julians post office, but after being caught behind some stupid car pool, I saw a line of trucks and other vehicles, and decided 'Nah, we'll go to the Gzira one' but lo and behold, as I got there I was diverted by a masculine woman warden because a crane was blocking the road. Since I don't know my way around the Gzira streets, and it was already 08:20 (work begins at 08:30 roughly) I went straight to the office... and failed in my mission. But I think I shall forego the post office and just get a bank transfer done, which is probably easier.

And all this is for my long-awaited and much longed for digital camera which I bid for on eBay :) Ain't she hott?! I had to buy one before I go to Germany. But I now need to actually save for the trip!


  1. I hope I didn't distract you with my giggling - you guys are FUNNY! I was sorry that I only got to watch the first half of it. I want to know what happens!

    We have technical, dress rehearsal and performances all on different days to each other, but I will see your Sunday performance for sure - looking forward to it!!! :-)

    Break a leg!

  2. I didn't even hear you! I usually tend to block the audience although I'm aware that they're there. I'm coming to watch the Saturday plays... so break a leg too and don't be nervous!!

  3. Katt16:08

    I'm planning to come and see you guys, so reach perfection for when I come! See ya soon!

  4. Oh, very nice! I am a big theatre-goer, so perhaps I will go and watch! Of course, I only have your hamalla picture to recognise you, but I will assume you don't always dress that way :)

  5. Brava! You did really well, pupa. I am very proud of you!

  6. Da Kween14:43

    hello love .... that was fab !!! love the errrrr boobal area !!! snigger. kick ass tonite k? i know you will

  7. Katt19:02

    Great job, G! I told you already but it bears repeating. You are the Bimbo Queen, all lesser bimbos bow down before you!

  8. Yay thanks everyone! :) It was such a great play. I will blog about it I promise... I just need to find the time.



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