Sunday, 17 September 2006

Recipe for Disaster

My hair colour is not quite my hair colour. It's the colour that I have written on my card at my hairdresser so that it's kept constant everytime I go and "have it done". I'm not quite sure what my hair colour is, having been born with no hair, which then grew blonde and eventually went brown-ish. And then I discovered highlights :) But if I had to choose, I'd love to be a redhead. There is something about red hair that I love, and after I watched Laws of Attraction with Julianne Moore, I decided to try it out. It didn't quite work. I used one of those do-it-at-home kits which promised an all-around even colour, but only if you do it well. I didn't. I had patches. So I resigned myself to the fact that I will not be a redhead, neither like Julianne Moore nor Lindsay Lohan.

I cleaned up my 'C'Drive yesterday and came across saved MSN conversations, which I obviously had to browse through. The disjointedness (now a word) of the text is impressive really. There is no flow, no sense of pace; just phrases or words littered with typos because you're trying to key in your sentence before the other person enters theirs and ruins your train of text. And the only way to express tonality is through faces with sticking out tongues! I tend to gesticulate a lot when I speak (a Mediterranean habit apparantely) which also happens when I'm 'conversing' over MSN. I don't have a webcam (hate them) so it'll never be seen but my monitor is the recipient of many of my facial expressions and gesticulations.

Whilst thanking Maltagirl, Katherine and Troilus for taking the time to tell me what they think about me via my Johari Window, I'd like others to follow suit! I'm needy.


  1. Garnier... Take Care ;)

    And you didn't mention Gtalk.. :-s

  2. You're never on Gtalk anymore!

  3. Anonymous18:21

    You are tagged Gis.


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