Saturday, 23 September 2006

I've never seen snow

After whingeing about not having been on holiday for two years, very possibly to the day because I think on this day in 2004 I was in Amsterdam, and judging by the time we were probably traipsing the streets or ambling in a park or heading towards Baba for afternoon tea; anyway, it is very very likely that I am going to Germany in December for "the Christmas markets". I was invited by a very good friend of mine who is in Malta at the moment, and it was too good an offer to turn down. So I've looked for flight prices (Lm83.74) and best dates (8th-15th) and now just have to confirm the dates with him and then see if I actually do have 4 days of leave to take off work! Oh it will be such a needed holiday.

In more concrete plans, we're going to see Boston Marriage tonight at SJ Cav. Firstly, I'm really happy that theatre season is starting again, and secondly I know the director.

And if by any chance you are married and are having an affair and aren't quite sure where to take your 'bit on the side' without bumping into anyone, I know the perfect new "exclusive" bar. I was surrounded by a group of people yesterday who largely fit in this category, the women looking like mutton dressed as lamb, and the men making sucking in their hanging guts to impress the mutton. It was amusing to watch for the first 5 minutes, but got old really quickly (no pun intended).


  1. Katt00:27

    Cool! Christmas in Germany is the best - It's just so Damned picturesque. Where in Deutschland are you going to be?

  2. Location: Frankfurt
    Destination: All over :)

  3. Katt23:16

    Great! My parents live near Frankfurt. If you need a crazy lady to hang around with for an afternoon, my mtoher's your gal! Let me know! :)

  4. Hehe well I'm going to be with 2 gay guys so I'm sure I'll be kept busy :)


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