Wednesday, 6 September 2006

Drama Queen

After the recent downfall with the panto audition which apparantely went totally down the drain because of my dancing (say inside sources) aside - and it wasn't even what I was worried about since I spent two summers as a group leader and choreohraphed dances were our lives! But then again we didn't pretend to be good! I am taking part in this year's One Act Plays. It's a comedy with 5 women!! I haven't got the script yet but from the brief we got it seems to be funny :) Humour is good.

In other good news, one of my bestest friends is coming to visit in two weeks time, from Germany where he lives with his partner and we're going to do the tourist thing because his partner has only been to Malta once before (I think) so it'll be fun to go on a harbour cruise and get a history lesson. Is Sicilia Bar still a really good place to eat? And where is it exactly? I want to go to a typical Maltese place, that has amazing food and a view to match :) Matt is one of those friends whom I can not speak to for ages but it doesn't matter because we always catch up so well, and this time that he's been gone I've really missed him. In fact I'm trying to plan a trip to Germany in the hopefully not-too-distant future.


  1. YAYAYAY! Maltagirl just told me you got in to the i-Acts - prosit! Who's your director, who else is in it with you... tell me all!

  2. lolol... Director is Wes. Other girls in it are Alex, Jessica, Chiara and Alison. I still have to get to know them!

    So make sure you come and watch at the end of October :)

  3. Katt18:53

    Go you! Comedy is certainly a strength with you. Make sure you blog all about your one-act experience! Want to know all! You have to tell how Wes is as a Director, how funny the script is, and all the inside goss about what goes on at rehearsals. (Can't be as 'interesting' as rehearsing at Ralph's - LOL) Will definitely come to watch you. Win this year!


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