Saturday, 2 September 2006

I get by with a little help from my friends

And she's back! Yep, I think I may have found my muse again, or possible just something (mildly) interesting to write about.

I had Panto auditions today! *pause for dramatic effect* And yes I do pause when I think about them. I was in two minds as to whether turn up or not, especially after I heard that singing was going to be a big part of the audition. But then I thought to myself 'screw it, I'll go and see what happens'. So I went and I'm glad-ish. I was just so nervous that I had to look at my lines when doing my speech (although I knew it) and then I had to sing which is not something that I am comfortable with in front of people, when I'm sober. The first line of the song that I sang goes: What would you do if I sang out of tune would you stand up and walk out on me? Thankfully they didn't! So once that was done I could relax a bit, whilst we waited for the choreographer to turn up and teach us a couple of steps. It was not a pretty sight! We practised this short (but difficult for untrained dancers) routine twice and then had to do it in front of the panel. I got muddled in it... so I'm not holding my breath for a call-back.

The male:female ratio was unbalanced as always, and the majority of the girls were decked out in jazz shoes and dance wear, giving me the impression that dancing and walking are equally easy for them. Maybe I should have carried on with the jazz lessons when I was 9...

edit: As expected I wasn't selected as cast. No worries there. Ooh, and can I point out my Johari Window on the right-hand side of this blog - you can fill it in :)


  1. Oooh, I was wondering how you got on!

    Much good may the jazz shoes do them when they have to dance on stage in high heels LOL. And as in ANY sport or dance discipline, people going around in flashy, name-brand dancewear generally have more money than talent, heheheh.

    P.S., when you say "not selected as cast", does that mean that you're not in it at all, or that you didn't get one of the main roles but might still be in the chorus?

  2. lol, you are funny.

    No I'm not selected at all, cos even if you're in the Chorus then you'll have a minor role as something else. I could give a hand backstage but I don't know yet.

  3. Panto backstage can be as much fun as (if not more than) a chorus part!

  4. Katherine01:11

    Oh well. At least they didn't stand up and walk out on you! And you couldn't have been as bad as we were, trust me! A train wreck would have been a prettier sight!
    Glad to see the return of your muse, must buy him/her/it a drink sometime......

  5. I have had very little experience on/back stage but back was always more fun in secondary school.

    BTW, welcome back muse!

  6. Uff what a pity! I was looking forward to seeing you on stage wearing some ridiculous costume! Oh wait, we both already had that in Shakespeare hehehe! Joking apart, I've done backstage at panto and it's a blast. And... what about trying out for the one-acts due to be held next month? They're really fun too!


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