Friday, 28 July 2006

I love guys, really, but...

... why do they take so long to take a decision? And why do they make such a fuss about it? On Sunday my colleagues and I are going out on a boat for the day (we don't see each other enough during the week!) and first there was this whole debate as to when to go, once that was decided there were polemics about at what time we should leave, and that being dealt with, today there was a whole discussion over lunch about the food and drink issue. We're going out for a few hours, anyone would think that we were crossing the Atlantic!

I used to organised transport for over a 1000 students a night; planning routes, booking coaches, dealing with drivers and employees. Decisions were the rule of the day!

And why do they agree with you one minute, and then gang up with the other guys a second later? Ooh that drives me mad. They say what they like without giving it a moment's thought and then if you retaliate they get all shocked and defensive. You cannot be seeing porn and then get scandalised by a teeny-tiny comment! Neanderthal, go back to your cave.

I guess it's the whole sticking-with-your-posse thing. There are things that you can only say to your girlfriends... and your gay guy friends who are sometimes better than your girlfriends! I miss my boys.

So on Sunday I'm on a boat with 8 men and 1 woman, whom they invited so that I'd have some female company. Not that they asked my opinion about who I'd like to be there because they were first going to ask an intern (whom I've barely said two words to) because of her female assets; but I objected because I'm not interested in female assets; when you've had your own for all your life they kind of lose their appeal. So then they asked someone whom I'm actually friends with and who's a laugh (and who will comment about porn without being shocked). I'm looking forward to a day of spritzers in the sun.


  1. Work outings are tricky at times. The thing is at times you'd REALLY want to go (i'm dying to go on a boat trip) but your ideal evening does not involve work colleagues.

    Now you can't really say that guys are not capable of making decisions. Since you were the only female, the guy in question was merely consulting the other people who were coming on this trip :p

    Enjoy your evening and tell us about it!

  2. Well it's actually during the day. In the evening I'm going to see/listen to National Orchestra Goes Pop :)

    Consulting the people? Three weeks is a heck of a long consultation process, but if that's what you guys call it, then I'll give it to you :P

  3. Lol.... Hmmm, so how did it go?

  4. It was fantastic. I'll post an entry soon when my back stops tingling!

  5. ;) Monday.. back to the grind I guess.


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