Monday, 31 July 2006

Weekend - the abridged version

I'll attempt to relate parts of my weekend as it was oddly entertaining... bits were odd, others were entertaining.

Friday night was a colleague's birthday so we went to Beer Garden were they were planning on doing 100 minutes of lager, which I happily watched. Fast forward by about three hours to when a friend's friend (whom I had met a couple of times before but really only knew by name) started chatting me up. It was terribly amusing because he was rambling on and on in a drunken state, but he told me that one time him and the mutual friend were talking about a person with my same name, but whilst he was talking about someone else, Mutual Friend was referring to me and he said "She's a person that you can have an intelligent conversation with" (which I thought was a lovely thing to say) and when Mutual Friend said that Rambling Guy realised that they were obviously talking about different people! Rambling Guy kept telling me that he couldn't understand how I was single, and why was I single? So I just offered, I'm picky? Then another friend, who is gay, joined us and we were chatting, and I said that Gay Friend has very soft lips. Now Gay Friend and Rambling Guy have known each other for years, but it still didn't stop me gawking when Rambling Guy decided to find out about his soft lips for himself! The whole chatting up thing turned upside down, went round the corner and dug itself into a hole! Needless to say, nothing came of that... well nothing was going to come of that anyway because despite Rambling Guy being very sweet, he wasn't my type. [See 'picky' above]

Saturday morning I went into Valletta to buy tickets for National Orchestra Goes Pop but didn't go and see the pharmacist because I didn't have money to buy products, and one doesn't go into a pharmacy and say I'm just having a look thanks! Village feast was happening in the evening and since I had no other plans I plonked myself on a wall waiting for the catherine wheels to start, but they took too long so I went home and watched them from my balcony instead.

Sunday was the long-awaited boat trip. At the bright and early hour of 8:00 a.m. 10 people were standing at the Birgu Marina waiting to board a gorgeous 42-foot Cruiser Catamaran that was to be skippered by a guy named Trevor. After I stepped on the table thinking that it was actually a large step, we made our way out to sea. We cruised for about an hour, berthed towards the south of the island and remained there swimming and sunbathing, then had lunch, and after digesting it we decided to go out sailing. During all this my sunglasses got flung into the sea and despite valiant search efforts were lost to the Poseidana seagrass (please don't quote me on the name, but it's something like that). And that is why I bought cheap sunglasses this year :) The sailing was fabulous. We winched up the main sail and headed out and then put up the spinnaker (I think) and just bounced in the waves. My colleague told Trevor that all we needed to see were dolphins to make it perfect and I very innocently said Try making dolphin noises, to which he retorted Do you say that to all the guys? and that brought on a whole barrage of comments about big masts and all that goes with it. I must have a nittiena face! What's for sure is that I have a rather red face with an even redder back, because the sun was mighty strong and my sunblock was rather weak. Three days of wincing, followed by two weeks of peeling. All in a Maltese summer.

... and National Orchestra was brilliant too :)


  1. lol I don't know whether I should say this but; If you want to see the pharmacist just go in to buy gum or Pectol!

  2. Darn that's a good idea! Hmm, for the next time I go to Valletta ;)

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