Thursday, 18 May 2006

Who'll be the winners

yes, I am watching the Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest and I think it's the most entertaining ever. There are some of the worst songs that I've ever heard - yep, the true colours of the Eurovision keep shining through as the years go by.

That last song was to die for... I'm Silvia Bright and I've arrived, la la la... me me me. Fabulous dahlink! hehe And Lithuania (who have just gone through) singing We are the winners of the Eurovision!

But of the songs that are already in I really do like Denmarks's song -

He didn't know how to twist, he didn't know how to make a girl exist, he didn't know how to move, he didn't know how to groove, he didn't know how to twist

But as always there is something that must ruin it, and that something is Eileen Montesin. Take her off the air!!! Please! She really has got a face for radio, although not quite the voice for it. And yet we insist on pasting her on billboards, bus stops and television where we not only have to see her we're forced to see her too!!! AAAHHHH.
And tonight she was no better. Stupid comments. Talking over the presenters. Horrible accent - she can't speak English to save her life but her Maltese is nothing to write home about. Maybe one day we'll learn that it takes more than red hair dye and popularity in the 80s to make a person right for public appearance.


  1. Eurovision. Eagerly waiting to get my hands on the collection. They have the best and the worst :p

  2. Bleh. Caught the beginning of the semi-finals at my grandmother's last night. That horrible Montesin woman just doesn't realise that, as shite as their script is, some of us *want* to hear what the presenters are going on about. It's part of the EV experience. Someone should really axe her. In all possible senses.

    It's Wogan for me tomorrow evening.

    (Lovely blog, by the way...)

  3. I really liked the Albanian song. I am so disappointed it didnt pass through. I was humming it over and over again yesterday.

    Being a rock lover, the Finland song didnt go unnoticed either. Fantastic pyrotechnics and great music.

    Montesin didnt bother me though

  4. The Lithuanian song reminded me of the theme to Bob The Builder.

    Sing "Can you fix it? YES WE CAN!" to its chorus and you'll see what I mean.

    PS. Fabrizio Faniello looks GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. Sorry, but I had to say it.

  5. me - are u sure u want to spend ur money? :P

    paul - she ran into my axe... ten times!

    lady vam - i think Lordi were extras in Charmed :)

    kenneth - reliable sources say that Fab IS fab.. in the gay sense!

  6. Hey it's just 10 cents per song y'know ;) check it out.

  7. Eileen is atrocious.

    At least I'm not the only one who thinks the woman is terrible!

    lol I'm afraid I don't agree with you with the Danish song. But Iceland was very funny lol.


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