Sunday, 21 May 2006

Fabrizio Fa niente

Illami what a farce! Bye bye Fabrizio.

12 points to Switzerland - get me a sick bag!

Slightly disappointed that Lithuania didn't win, but I'm sure that next year's entries are going to be all costumes cos everyone likes to copy what won the year before.

Ah well, at least I didn't have to hear that hamalla on TVM this time - go Terry Wogan

Good night all :)


  1. go Terry Wogan

    He is very funny. Even though he spoke through one of my favourite songs

  2. He did? Which one?

    You have a favourite Eurovision song? :P

  3. lol well yes - there were a couple of good one's - only a couple mind!

  4. Hard Rock Rules! Helleluja. A big BOOO to her, you know the one, the chatterbox, Monti zin:)

  5. *Errata* You can put an A instead of an E somewhere.

  6. A instead of an E? Where?

  7. Hi G. You've been tagged. Would you be so kind enough to check the details on my blog and do the needful please?

    Thank you.


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