Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Can I wait for 4 weeks to get my hair cut?

Yesterday was a non-stop day filled with work, rehearsal meeting and dinner. But I did everything :)

First rehearsal meeting of Shakespeare (woo hoo). It was very informative - it just took me a minute to come up with the word! informational? informing? inform...? *sigh* Now I have another thing to squeeze into my already tightly packed schedule, but it's ok, as long it's a leisure thing and not in any way work or uni related then the day will stretch to include it.

After that I had a fenkata in Mgarr with my colleagues, and I managed to find my way there from St. Venera without getting too lost :) Ooh the rabbit was nice, we all emerged from the place stuffed with seams bursting. But it was worth it.

Now it's time to start and finish my last text-based assignment (I still have 2 design ones to do) so that tomorrow I can hand everything in and wait for the A's to continue rolling in hehe. And at some point today I also have to put petrol and oil in the car and go and buy a water heater!


  1. One more to the list. Informal. :D

    And you have to fill gas in the car to buy a water heater. Hhmmm.. maybe the radiator might help for water heating ;) What say?

  2. no the water heater and the car are not connected to each other! hehe

  3. *gasp*

    You're in the play? HOW COOL!!! What character are you? You were so brilliant in last year's (a stellar performance that I still remember well) and I'm really looking forward to this year's. Especially since I've met so many actors since then that I now know half the cast.

    Well, maybe half is an exaggeration. But you, Reesa and Da Kween count for more than half, no? *grin*

    Ok, I'm babbling, time to go to bed. Congratulations!!!!!

  4. Lol, you're too cute. I don't actually have a character, I'm going to be part of the chorus, kind of like last year. But it's being in the whole atmosphere of it all that I love :)

    Yeah I actually know most of the cast myself too hehe. Unlike last year where I knew like 1 person!

  5. Ohhhh G I am so pleased. I took part in Shakespear many moons ago, also was in the chorus but it was great fun....*sigh* Seems many bloggers will be taking part this year...I know of at least 3. So I think I must trot down to San Anton gardens and have a look in. Hope Edward and Mary don't complain about the din....lmao

  6. Yes come and watch :) I'm the shortest one there... lol

    I'm sure there's more noise at the B'Kara monti so Mary won't notice us!!!

  7. G, how cool! Reesa told me a bit about the play and I love it!

    Hsejjes, it's not so much that there are bloggers acting in Shakespeare, but rather that some of last year's Shakespeare's actors have become bloggers in the meantime... I think it's just that they enjoyed reading about themselves in my blog *snicker*


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