Monday, 29 May 2006

Poetry Plus

This evening I went to my first experience of Poezijaplus because they were discussing The DaVinci Code and I am astounded by the media frenzy that this book received. I haven't actually read it yet, nor have I seen the film, but I will do both, without getting my sentiments hurt, because I have greater faith in myself and my upbringing than to allow myself to be influenced by a book. Especially a book that is not actually saying anything new, because we've heard the marriage allegations before The DaVinci Code expressed them.

But, back to Poezijaplus; I really enjoyed it. I didn't quite know what to expect, but it was excellent. The atmosphere inside the Manoel Theatre Courtyard was lovely and the speakers were really interesting, especially Trevor Zahra and a lecturer whose name I didn't catch. I like listening to interesting people speak.

I also met Robert there whom I hadn't seen in quite a while.

And as always when in Valletta I kept to my Jubilee + book tradition just before the event began. And before that I went round the shops a bit, and was really really disciplined. I only bought myself a cool pair of sunglasses from Accessorize, so they were cheap. But I saw the greatest underwear and pj's at La Senza and I really really want them. So now I'm waiting to get paid :)


  1. DVC.. The whole word has gone nuts about it. First the book and now the movie. You should read the book it's AMAZING.

    Payday is just around the corner. ;)

  2. La senza is simply AMAZING. I'm addicted ;) especially to the fact that they slip in tiny scented balls in your purchase bag! :)


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