Saturday, 22 April 2006

Saturdays don't start before 11:00 a.m.

Ignoring the pounding head this morning after last night's partying, I forced myself out of bed and to the bank where I had to deposit the mounding piles of money that were being stored underneath my mattress because sleeping was becoming uncomfortable... ok strike that, not the pounding head part, just the mounding piles of money part. It was a bit of money that I had to go and deposit.

That done I wandered aimlessly in the Balluta sunshine and found myself at the supermarket. I then proceeded to wander around the supermarket feeling incredibly dazed and confused trying to balance my purchases in my arm cos I failed to take a basket on the way in. Eventually I spied one hiding underneath the checkout counter and nicked it, dropping half my items inside it and the other half on the floor, in the process dicovering a new system to make fizzy water.

My absolute favourite aisle in the supermarket is the toiletries one, where you have all these products in colours of green, blue and white, with some splash thrown in for effect here and there, promising you clear skin, no wrinkles, relaxing remedies, odourless pits, scrubs for every part of your body including those that you didn't think needed scrubbing and wonders to keep you occupied in the bathroom for hours. So I'm standing there staring at the shelves with my mouth slightly open (due to my dazed and confused state) wondering what I don't need but want.

I fix my eyes on shower gel because I'm sure that mine is going to finish soon (like in a month) and try to decide whether I want soft skin, exfoliated skin, refreshed skin, or regular clear skin. My mind ponders... and then the cheapo part kicks in and I grab the cheapest option. But another dilemma crops up as I notice that another product that I've picked out is of a different brand, and suddenly I feel very brand unloyal. These companies spend so much money trying to get their customers to buy their necessities from the same brand and then I come along and ruin their plan, I feel terrible. But wait, I'm not going to be sucked in by their scheming action plans, I will defy them and employ my right to choose the brand that I want. So I do, and then I buy my usual deodorant that I have been buying for eons and my loyal customer worries are laid to rest.

And I've now got three different brands in my hand. And it would have been four but I restrained myself from grabbing the cartoon character bottles of bubble bath... because I take showers.


  1. G: All these dilemmas must be wreaking havoc with your skin. I suggest you discard the three bottles, and pick up the hypo-allergenic one instead.


  2. the fancier shower gels sound the worst they are. I told my mum to get me some plain traditional dove... instead she decided to get me the relaxing one... it smells of furniture polish.

    The Nivea one which is supposed to energise you smells like toilet cleaner...

  3. Interesting blog.. will be back for more considering that Malta is where i'll be, soon.

  4. I agree with Andre, lol.

    I can't stand the smelly stuff *achoo* but I'm ok with berry smells so my current one is strawberry gel that Michael gave me... but usually I just grab Dad's soap because it's the most convenient, lol.


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