Monday, 24 April 2006

Number game

My mother went to book tickets for Two which we shall be going to watch on Sunday :)

So she goes to St. James and asks to book tickets to see this weekend's play.
The woman behind the counter asks, "Two?" [referring to the name of the play]
And my mother, goes, "No, five"! [referring to the number of tickets!!]


  1. Buy two and get 3 free ;) Maybe.

  2. I want to see it again... IT'S BRILLIANT! Enjoy :-)

  3. in a bus
    my cousin, 'tnejn, Belt.'
    driver, 'min staqsiek x'ghamelt?!'

  4. Coemgen I think I understood that, (after reading it a few times!) and if it's as I understood it, then... ewww!!


  5. hehe, it wasn't really a number game so it might be considered out of point here, but I had to share it. A word game to be precise. I did get it immediately (being Rabatish u ngħawweġ) but my cousin didn't (being Dinglish u naqra għajjien!). He was so pissed off at me laughing me head off.

    And yes, eewwww:))


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