Sunday, 16 April 2006

Opportunity to be part of an important piece of research

I've finally got down to doing some uni work this weekend, meaning that I've finished one complete assignment after asking my friend to read through it and comment, and boy did he comment. So I amended accordingly. And I also finished a PowerPoint presentation about the media systems in Samoa. 2 down and about 5 to go... ah well it's a start.

I'm not looking forward to proofreading and without a doubt amending a group assignment. Half of it is written in Minglish and needs to be translated. The other half is copied of some site that they found - aaaaa I hate that! So I'm giving myself the arduous task of giving it the final overview for the sake of a good grade.

And I've started my blogging assignment which I got myself into and am at a bit of a loss until I see it all coming together. And this is where I thrown in my sales pitch to anyone who can tell me WHY they blog. What are your favourite topics to blog about? Do you like receiving comments? Do you tell people about your blog? Why do you post your thoughts/events online for everyone to read? Those are just a few ideas but you can expand on them. And if you want to share my request to other bloggers feel free to do so :)

You can either leave a comment or if it's a long reply e-mail me at mailforg at gmail dot com

I don't think I'll be mentioning names unless you want me to :) And no cash form of payment will result as participation in my task, however, you have my sincere gratitude for your time.

And by the way... HAPPY EASTER to all


  1. I'm writing mine... do you have a deadline in mind? *grin*

  2. Why do I blog?
    release uni tension. I am a cheerful person in real life and I dont like to share my problems with my friends because they have already theirs to think about. I use my blog to get out all the negativity in me and sometimes to have a form of communication when most of my hours are done on a pc working (or should be working) on an assignment or thesis.

    What are your favourite topics to blog about?
    uni but lately i felt that there was too much negativity and I changed on more cheerful notes. It is usually one depressing blog and one good mood blog (from what I noticed - I didnt do it on purpose)

    Do you like receiving comments?
    At first I didnt because I wanted the blog to be private - its hard to share your life with complete strangers esp when you know that they can use that same information against you. However, when you get used to the idea, it gets to you and you would want to see the counter going up and the comments increasing - its just a way of getting attention I guess - we are humans after all

    Do you tell people about your blog?
    rarely - because if i write something, it is usually about the people i meet on my everyday lifestyle. If they read what I write, I cant be completely myself because I become biased to write what is ethically correct to write and not what I truely feel

    Why do you post your thoughts/events online for everyone to read?
    good question. i dont know how to keep a written diary - when i was young i tried several times but I always forgot about it. Knowing that someone reads my thoughts gives me encouragement to write more. It is a way of making friends, of speaking up your opinion to a world that has deaf ears.

    Another question you should be asking is why companies have started blogging. google search will help coz I read alot about it but here you go:

    I hope I was of any use. Thank MaltaGirl for showing the link to your site because that is how I got here!


  3. THANK YOU very very much to both :)

  4. I thought I'd help you out in the assignment - not sure whether it is what you need but here are the answers:

    Why do I blog?
    I guess I blog in order to express myself and just write my thoughts. It's the only place where people can't shut you up - it's basically your space and you can wrtie whatever you want.

    What are your favourite topics to blog about?
    Probably visitors to the blog can tell you what I blog about - but I mostly blog about University and Current Affairs.

    Do you like receiving comments?
    Yes - both by people who have the same opinions as myself and people who disagree with what i say.
    I don't like abusive anonymous comments - although so far i haven't received any.

    Do you tell people about your blog?
    Not really. My friends most probably know my opinions about some things so they don't need to read them again. Also I might want to say some things which might annoy some people (e.g. one person i criticised once in my blog happens to be my friends uncle.) Telling them would probably mean censoring various parts of the blog. I did tell my ex gf though.

    Why do you post your thoughts/events online for everyone to read?
    Cause we all have a need to express ourselves. In my opinion, the blog is the best way to do so.

  5. He he, here goes

    Why blog?
    I think that the blogosphere is the place where besides writing what you want, you can also come to discuss certain topics with a group of people (the bloggers mostly) who come from so many different aspects of life. This way, one gets such a wide view of things.

    Fav topics?
    Don't have any favourites really. I blogged about current affairs, personal thingies, thoughts, music...

    I like comments, yes. I like the way the conversation sometimes evolves. I prefer commenters who are not anon but as long as the content is not abusive, I have no problem with that. I got very annoyed at certain abusive comments Antonio got for example. I sympathise with him being angry at that, especially since most of them were personal. These ppl suck!

    Do I tell about it?
    Yes, but not to anyone. I do happen to criticise ppl in my entries. If they get to know it, so much better.

    Most bloggers are anon themselves and maybe they got their very good reasons for that. Anons I follow are for ex Maltagirl and Zemploid. Others like Toni, Robert, Cora, Roderick, and Twanny are not. I see myself as half way but I am planning to reveal my identity, someday soon.

    If you need more or whatever, just lemme know. Good luck!

  6. Why do I blog?

    Because I am a glutton for punishment! Joking apart, I've always enjoyed writing and, although I do it 'professionally' (articles and so on), I actually find it relaxing and enjoyable to write something which is not commissioned... something I write just for me (and anyone else who can be bothered to read it on the 'net of course!)

    What are your favourite topics to blog about?

    I like writing about the funny things that happen in my everyday life(and they happedn with alarming frequency!) Oh, and my cats, of course!

    Do you like receiving comments?

    Yes, I check my blog at least once a day to see if I have received any.

    Do you tell people about your blog?

    Yes, mainly people close to me and my family.

    Why do you post your thoughts/events online for everyone to read?

    For me, its something fun and creative to do. If people read my blog and have a laugh, or a smile on their face after reading it - well, so much the better!

    Hope that's what you wanted pupa!


  7. Are you a glutton for punishment?
    Take the test and find out:))

  8. Dear Reesa, are you aware that you can have your comments emailled to you.. that way you'll know everytime someone's commented on your blog without the need to check it? Sometimes people comment on old posts which makes it increasingly hard.. ;) xx

  9. Hi mistoqsija, yes yes I get my comments emailed to my yahoo address! Maybe I should have said 'I check my email...'! But, thanks for the sweet thought!

  10. ... and, apparently (according to the test anyway!) i am NOT a glutton for punishment!

  11. Yay lots of comments. They make me happy. (like tequila :D)

    thanks a real lot guys, now I just have to make sense of it all *sigh*

    Now I'm going to find out if I'm a glutton for punishment... I'm thinking yes!

  12. Wow I'm NOT! A medium score but on the NOT A GLUTTON FOR PUNISHMENT side :)


  13. I tried to be a bit reasonable in my answers and got a 28 for an answer! If I had answered some of the questions as I thought I should have, think I wouldn't have scored more than 5!

    Anyways, G, think about that comment of yours and see if you can include it in the assignment...
    comments = G happy+
    tequila = G happy+
    ++tequila = G happy ++
    Comments and tequila = G happy+++++??


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