Saturday, 29 April 2006

Most important news of the week - I have a car :) It's a Fiat Tipo, obviously second-hand but in good condition with a funky digital dashboard. This morning I went to buy a steering wheel cover and a new gear knob and cover because they were rather worn, and next week it's going to get valeted and polished, and serviced. And because we're in Malta I already got a puncture! But it's good to be mobile again.

In other news I gave my presentation on blogging and bloggers, and once I had the floor didn't stop talking. I don't stop talking in regular situations, can you imagine when people are forced to listen? *muhahaha* It went well although now I have to complete the actual written assignment and make it a bit more relevant to Malta. So thank you to all those who contributed to my education :)

The weather had better stabilise itself soon because I switched wardrobes this afternoon, which meant about an hour of ironing, the most boringly awful chore that was ever invented, and then trying to swap places of my clothes. Bye bye boring woollens, hallo glorious summer tops.

Now I know why I didn't go out tonight. It's barely midnight and I'm yawning! How sweet my hairdresser told me that I look good even though I'm stressed... gay men say the best things.


  1. Woowwiieee.. but looks like Malta roads need some repairing. And summers... me too felt a bit sad putting away the woollens :(

    And I hope not all hairdressers in Malta are gay :-s

  2. Yayyayayay re: car and presentation and talking too much (but still, you will never talk as much as the queen of chat (ie) me mwahahahaha!)

    Re: ironing, I detest it too. Solution - iron-free clothes! Honestly, in my wardrobe I have maybe 3 blouses and 2 pairs of trousers that need to be ironed; the rest, I just hang up in the wardrobe and they're fine. As for hubby's shirts... well, he normally does them himself hehehe! Although I do iron one or two once or twice a year out of sheer kindess!

  3. hey G, steering wheel covers are for loosers :p Replace it with an isotta sports wheel.

    don't forget to buy some 'fufu' to hang it in the centre mirror :p :p :p :p

  4. Oh no it's not loose anymore, fits like a glove :) Or did you mean losers? :P

    isotta? what? is it car chic or something? and to go with it i should probably have shiny alloys and all that? nah I'm not throwing money at this car. I'd rather invest in another mode of transport, and buy myself some new shoes!

  5. Gay men are the best ego boosters! I love them!Straight men should get some pointers from them.

  6. Hsejjes I agree... but straight men need pointers on many things *sigh*

  7. blaah blaah blaah:))

    Glad you did well presenting.

    Besides throwin away the loose wheel cover for losers, buyin and hangin a fufu, and installing the isotta wheel, make sure you purchase one of those hang-to-the-rear-wind-screen puppets with their pants down. Cuuuuute:)

  8. ahhh, looks like you zooming around in your car. Stop by your blog to update please ;)

  9. Oh no, I wrote a whole looooooong piece for your assignment but I never sent it, *sigh*. Sorry. But glad to hear that your presentation went well!

  10. hehe you dufus :Pqqn


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