Sunday, 7 May 2006

Notti Magiche

I'm so glad that I went to watch An Evening with Gary Lineker tonight because it made, what was otherwise a particularly bland, uninteresting, stressful weekend, bearable. It was hilarious and I loved it all. And now I really want to get back on the stage. I need something else in my life apart from work and studying, even though the latter ends in a month's time!

It insane how quickly this year passed. Eventful surely. But these last assignments are really stressing me out, they seem like such a waste of time when I have two finals coming up and there's so much to study! But I refuse to get anything lower than a B - I'm on a roll :) Hopefully this will be the last week of all lectures; I'll finish all assignments and then three weeks of (finding) and studying notes from the years 2000-2003!!

In vehicular news, the car has been valeted and is now free of years of somebody else's dirt :) I've pretty much got used to driving it, even without power steering, but not quite used to parking yet, so if there's a grey Fiat Tipo trying to park in front of you and the engine goes off, please don't hoot at the driver who you probably will not even manage to see due to height limitations. Just be patient :P

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  1. Wow.. studies finally over, atleast for a while. And looks like the car is all set.. Vroooommmm..


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