Tuesday, 21 March 2006

DVD doozie

My Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire dvd arrived today :) PLUS I also received an sms saying that I won the dvd of Wimbeldon. I took part in a Cable Guide competition :)

In other news I keep getting busier and busier, but I don't mind it... as long as the sun keeps shining. I've got assignments to research and write, presentations to research and deliver, books to read and material to study.

And on top of all that I've got 2 part-time jobs. And I also auditioned for a role in this year's Shakespeare... 24 hours? That's sooo last century.

In times like these I'd be a bad partner.


  1. enjoy the DVD's :)

    Wimbeldon is really good

  2. after reading all these posts that you like the sun, i wonder whether you're powered by some solar panel :/

    How was that DVD? I didn't like the cover so didn't even try it out, but could be completely wrong abt it. (But you know, I *can* judge a DVD by its cover :p)

  3. *lol* that's a good explanation actually... solar powered :)

    Which DVD? Wimbeldon? Well I liked it. It's a chick flick but it's good, and it's set in England. Pleasant change.


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