Sunday, 2 April 2006

Sun worshipping

Finally the best reason for living in Malta has appeared... the sun! I love the sun, and believe that all true Maltese do so too. When you grow up with three months of summer holidays away from school and studies, the sun is linked to that freedom and therefore becomes a symbol of happiness.

People who like winter are just weird.

I started getting a suntan last Friday having decided that after remaining pasty white last year as a result of too much work, I was not going to allow it to happen again. So lunch in the sun was the perfect way to start tanning, and indeed I now have two red arms complete with sleeve marks and a red cleavage! Not quite the look I was going for but I guess it's a start! At least lunch was divine :)

Saturday was another opportunity to exploit the rays, but instead of just lounging in it, this time there was more energy spent with a walk from Balluta to Manoel Island and back. And this time also with the pre-planned dress code of a sleevless top to try and rid myself of those wretched sleeve marks. I think it may have worked slightly.

Last week of uni coming up before the Easter 'holidays', aka the time where you cram in as many assignments as possible. And as many chocolates as possible too :)


  1. ok. i'm weird.

  2. People who like winter are just weird...

    I so agree! Although I must admit that, since I'm so fair-skinned, I only venture into to summer sun if I am covered from head to toe in sunscreen. Otherwise, I don't go red... but a particularly ugly shade of purple (remember me in shakespeare dress rehearsal last year? I had spent 5 mins on the roof without sunblock in the afternoon and my back was the colour of an aubergine - if you look carefully on the dvd, you can see it!)

  3. Hey James... nothing personal!!! I just don't see anything good in the cold, dark days of winter - brrrrrr!


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