Monday, 30 January 2006

Welcome to the Countdown

I've changed a couple of things in the layout and given it a purple twist. It looks better on my home PC than it does on my work PC, mainly due to the 'Barbie Dream House' entry. So I hope that it looks ok for you, if not... too bad! Sweet as sugar as always :P

It's my birthday in 25 days time :) (Tomorrow it'll be 24 in 24! haha) and I am accepting gift enquiries. There are many things that I want of all price ranges so I'm sure you'll find something that will suit your pocket. Leave me a comment and I'll send you the list :D Alternatively you are always safe with a gift voucher from Accessorize/Topshop/Miss Selfridge/Oasis/Benetton or Air Malta :)


  1. oasis has some fabulous stuff at the moment...on sale too! just dont buy the black floral minidress because i did and if i see u in the street with it, i will have to asassinate you.

    heheheh...don't you hate it when u are walking down the street and the person on the other side is wearing your dress? grrr

  2. *lol* I think my friend has that dress. But she bought it in England. She wears it over jeans. I love Oasis in England, but over here they're just a rip off. There things are way too expensive; which is why I want people to buy me things :)

  3. Your bday happens to be at valentine's day? i don't know how you look like, but what abt these camisoles ? heheheheheheh

  4. No my b'day is 10 days after Valentine's actually. Er, those camisoles aren't exactly my thing unless I was planning on making some money out of them *lol*

  5. ...or making money without them!


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