Sunday, 15 January 2006

Barbie's Dream House

My latest obsession is my own place. No, I don't have one, and no, I'm not about to get one anytime soon. But I know what I want, which can be a problem to find.

This is a very simple plan of what I'm after

Image hosted by

But then again what I'm after is very simple. I don't want lots of rooms that I then have to fill with furniture and therefore have to clean! I want space and light. The only thing I might add to that plan somewhere is a utility room/box room for storage. But otherwise that's how it looks in my head. Well with wooden floors and plants and a wide-screen TV and leather sofas, and my basset hound (which I haven't got yet, hence the need for the yard). And a modern kitchen with shiny appliances.

Afterthought I also need a study for my computers (which I will eventually have) and all my books (of which I have loads of already, and they'll only keep increasing).


  1. I'll just hang around and grin in the background, yes?


  2. Now that you have experience with houses, you can pick up a brush and start painting the walls. And no spilling!


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