Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Material Girl

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays (until 7:15 p.m.) you hear people saying 'If I win the Super 5 I would buy...'

Well if I win the Super 5 I would pay off my car, and No I wouldn't buy a bigger/faster/newer one, I love my K. Then I would go shopping for clothes, so many clothes that I'd send someone (read: my brother) out in order to take over their room and use it as a closet!

And included in the 'clothes' category would be lots and lots of fun lingerie. Even if I have no one to wear them for it'll be nice to open my drawer and see them there.

I just want things for the sake of having them, and then when I'm bored of them I sell them. Is that bad I wonder?


  1. K? is that a Ka?

  2. Yep she's a Ka :)

  3. lovely. i love the 'evil ka'

  4. hehe why evil?

  5. because i liked its advert. and i like 'dark/wicked/evil' looking cars >:-)


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